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Stillpoint Residential Retreat 2016
“The Life of the Beloved”

Friday evening 22 July – Sunday 24 July 2016 H Nouwen
(with an optional extension to Monday 25 July)
At Nunyara Conference Centre and Stillpoint House, Belair SA.

In this year marking the 20th year after Henri Nouwen’s death in 1996, Stillpoint is offering this unique retreat centred on one of his finest works ‘Life of the Beloved’. At a time when the world promotes so many voices demanding that we meet some expectation before we can be considered lovable, Nouwen reminds us of life giving knowledge that we are the Beloved, simply because we are all children of God.

The retreat format combines times of teaching, times to reflect in silence, the sharing of insights and questions, as well as, for those who wish to participate, experiences of contemplative prayer and joining in the Daily Office. The retreat leader will be Rev Dr Gary Stuckey, Director of Stillpoint.

The retreat may be undertaken on either a ‘live-in’ or ‘live-out’ basis.

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We all need a little space now and then…

People decide to take a quiet day or a retreat for all kinds of reasons. For some it may be part of a rhythm of reflection/action that they find balances their life. Others may decide that they just need ‘time out’ to think and pray. For some a quiet day comes at a time of decision-making or struggle. For others it is the joyful embracing and celebrating of a particular stage of the journey. And for others it may just be that they feel tired and in need of some rest and renewal. You may have a significant reason for taking ‘time out’ or no real reason at all except that it is a good idea to balance life’s busyness with rest and reflection.

Download the brochure Space for Yourself’ to discover more about how Stillpoint may be for you a place for prayer, retreat, listening, resourcing, worship and community – a place where you can find a little space for yourself now and then. Click here…

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